Letting Go in Costa Rica

2020 has been so unbelievably wild that we decided to dive straight into 2021 - quite literally, as you can see in the picture above - without any fears or trepidations. So we used our flight credits we were given back by American Airlines last May for our trip to Paris that did not get off the ground and booked our tickets to San Jose, Costa Rica!

After a very short and enjoyable flight from Miami (a non-stop 2 hour 20 minute flight), we landed in San Jose and straight away proceeded to pick up our rental car. We used Vamos car rental service, and we absolutely loved it! If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica and doing a research on car rental agencies, you are undoubtedly hugging your head in despair and wondering if renting a car there is such a great idea after all. Well, we loved Vamos. They picked us up at the airport, took us to their office just around the corner from the airport, provided us with all the paperwork - and were 100% professional and transparent all the way through. They even provide you with a smartphone with a local SIM card and navigation system - which was a huge plus. I really don't think we would have made it anywhere without that phone, to be honest with you. :).

A note for fellow travelers: if you rent a car in Costa Rica just go ahead and get the full deal insurance they offer (like we did), as things can get complicated otherwise on pick up and you may end up feeling frustrated on your first day of the trip.

Anyways, after we got into our 4X4 (oh yes, a 4X4 is an absolute MUST in Costa Rica), we plugged in the address of our rental home and hit the road! On the way to Jaco (pronounced Haa-co - something I realized a few days into our trip :), we stopped at the internationally famous Crocodile Bridge. They have a local restaurant there (I wasn't the biggest fan of the buffet food there, but if you are super-hungry, it will do the trick) and a few vendors selling colorful towels and clothes. The bridge and the crocodiles are a fun excursion, but - bear in mind that the guys selling stuff there are pretty aggressive as far as their selling techniques go (for example, we somehow got talked into buying two crocodile teeth necklaces lol). So, if you don't like being pressured or if haggling is not your thing, be prepared :).