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What to Wear to Class

"What do I wear to class?" "Do I have to get an outfit?" And "Where do I get a costume like everyone seems to have in your class???"

These are the questions that are so commonly asked by new members of Golden Isles Belly Dance, that I put together a gallery of my most favorite outfits with links to them on Amazon. I picked the pieces that have the best quality/price ratio, in my opinion.

That being said, you absolutely do not have have to purchase anything special - unless you really want to.

So, this is what you need to wear to our belly dance class:


If you have a long beachy skirt, that's exactly what you need! If not, yoga or exercise pants will work just fine! We also do have coin belts in the studio that you are welcome to use during class.


Any workout shirt/bra or any top for that matter will work. And no - you do not have to expose your belly!


And finally, we dance barefoot! And that's all there is to it! :)

And if you are ready to pick the belly dance outfit of your dreams, here are our faves!


Swirl, Baby, Swirl!

The first and most important component is a skirt! I LOVE chiffon skirts, they make you feel so free and oh-so-feminine! Click on the picture above to see my favorite skirt or on Read More to see more options!


Shine and Sparkle!

After picking the skirt of your dreams, add a matching bra and belt set. They don't have to match color-wise. As a matter of fact, sometimes contrast is what you need for a really stunning outfit.  Click on the picture above or Read More to see our faves. 


Arabian Princess

You can always buy a full set that includes a skirt, a bra and a belt - and this option is usually cheaper than purchasing the pieces individually. Click on the pic above to see our favorite outfit or on Read More to check out more options.

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