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My name is Lena, and I am a writer. In fact, I am many things. I am a Mom and a woman in love, I am a Russian in the USA, I am a translator and a belly dancer. I am also an eternal traveler. I cannot stop traveling. The worst time of my life was when I found myself stuck in the office in a job that, according to everybody else, was supposed to make me happy. But it only made me feel meaningless. Plus, I couldn't travel. So I quit that job and embarked on a crazy journey that brought me to where I am now - to the state of perpetual happiness.

In February of this year, I published my first book, My Journey to the Ocean. This funny and slightly philosophical novel talks about my first trip to the USA and how I met my husband Chris. It became quite popular among the Russian immigrant community in the States and around the world, and even garnered some positive feedback from American, UK and Australian readers. I was also super excited when a wonderful newspaper article about My Journey written by a local journalist got picked up by the Associated Press and published in over 25 major newspapers in the USA and beyond.

If you would like to join me on this adventure call life, subscribe to my mailing list! I promise not to spam you (perhaps one e-mail a month - that's provided I don't get lazy), and I will send you the first two chapters of My Journey to the Ocean for free.

Lots of love!


Lena Mikado

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