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The tickets for the Fourth Annual Goddess Retreat are now officially on sale!

For those of you who haven't heard me talk incessantly about, let me fill you in. The Goddess Retreat is an epic weekend gathering for women, which will involve belly dancing, yoga, meditation, partying, bonding, unwinding and remembering what life is supposed to be about - and all of that on the beautiful Jekyll Island beach, with the sound of waves crashing onto the shore and the salty breeze playing with our hair. :) The idea is that by the time we check out on Sunday morning, we will be so relaxed, we won't even remember what the word "stress" means.

If that sounds exciting to you, the tickets are now on sale for $229 a person. The tickets are refundable up to February 1, 2024, minus $50 non-refundable deposit, and they include all the classes offered at the Retreat. Please also note that hotel reservations must be made separately. Since the Retreat will be taking place at Villas by the Sea, they are giving us discounted room rates: Mini Villa Studio (only Island Side, $179 a night); One-Bedroom Suite (Island Side - $203 a night; Ocean Side - $212 a night; Ocean View - $229 a night); Two-Bedroom Suite (Island Side - $254 a night; Ocean Side - $280 a night; Ocean View - $297 a night); Three-Bedroom Suite (Island Side - $339 a night; Ocean Side - $365 a night; Ocean View - $382 a night).


Rates are subject to 7% Sales Tax, 5% Hotel Occupancy Tax & 5% Resort Fee. Please note that rooms must be secured by May 14, 2024 in order to take advantage of the group rate. The villas are quite spacious (especially 2- and 3- bedroom ones), and you can split the cost with whomever you decide to room with :). When you call to book (the phone number is 912-635-2521), please mention "Goddess Retreat" to get the discounted rate. A deposit equal to 1 night’s room charge will be required upon making a reservation, and reservations cancelled less than 3 days prior to arrival will forfeit deposit.

So, now, when all the details have been listed and taken care of - are you ready to book the Retreat of your life? Do it! It's bound to be epic :).

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