Yellowstone and Grand Teton Adventure: Part Two or Raspberries, Flower Fields and Verdant Meadows

Day 3 (Days 1 & 2 can be found here)

Invigorated after the good night's sleep, we woke up, packed our bags and hit the road! Our next stop was in Alpine, Wyoming, and we didn't have much planned for the day except to enjoy the beautiful drive and gawk at the stunning imagery behind the window. However, as we were zooming down the curvy highway, our 7-year-old son Max suddenly yelled out in excitement. Apparently, Max noticed a cave on the side of a mountain, and he wanted to "sneak inside and explore it". To my surprise, Chris turned around and pulled over, playing along and saying that "yeah, sure, we can do some cave-diving, Max!".

Naturally, no cave-descending took place on that sunny July afternoon, but, as we were peering into the dark waters of the cave and checking out the area, we did run into a local guy who recommended that we make a stop at Garden City, Utah, and try their world-famous raspberry shakes. When a lady at the welcome center AND a family who took our picture with bright-blue Bear Lake shimmering in the background mentioned the raspberry shakes as well, we were undoubtedly intrigued. We bought our enormous shakes at the Chevron gas station, and they were indeed the best milkshakes we have ever tried in our lives! As we drove further into town, we realized that pretty much every eatery there had a huge sign advertising "the famous raspberry shakes", and something tells me that they are delicious no matter which store you buy them at. If I piqued your interest and you don't happen to be anywhere near Garden City, Utah, I have found a copycat recipe here, and I can vouch that the shakes made according to this recipe were indeed delicious.

Photo credit - Amy's Projects

Feeling happy and refreshed, we then headed over to Garden City public beach where the boys rented some kayaks. The water in Bear Lake was so baby-blue, it almost looked tropical, so Chloe and I hung out on the beach, enjoying the scenery and taking in all the beauty of the area. The only thing we forgot was the sunblock, and we did end up with a sunburn that day. So... if you're ever there, don't make the same mistake!