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As a girl growing up in Voronezh, Russia, I loved the Southern classic novel Gone with the Wind so much so that I now live with my husband and three children in the sunny Golden Isles of Georgia, and I strongly suspect that my fascination with the work of Margaret Mitchell had a great deal to do with how my life unfolded. Writing about the magic way fiction and reality tend to interweave in our everyday lives has become my true motivation on my creative journey. When not busy writing, I love learning French, traveling the world with my family, belly-dancing and enjoying an occasional glass of wine in my lovely back yard.

I write tongue-in-cheek, reality-based novels that take the reader on enjoyable trips all around the world that are full of colorful, thought-provoking reflections on the matters that preoccupy most of us every minute of our lives: relationships, parenthood and trying to live in the present moment—all of that with a splash of delicious, flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants humor splashed on top. My Journey to the Ocean and A Year in the Sky are the first two novels of the All Colors of the Rainbow series, and they are now available for purchase on Amazon in the electronic and paperback formats. I am currently working on the third novel in the series titled It's All About Love.



Lena Mikado

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