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Maslenitsa 2023

This week the Slavic world is celebrating Maslenitsa - or Crepe Week. Even though these days it’s connected to Great Lent and Easter, it is actually quite possibly one of the most ancient eastern Slavic pagan traditions that celebrates the end of winter and beginning of spring. And it could a relative of the English Shrove Tuesday pancake race since it always falls on the same week (see, we are all connected!) Pancakes symbolize the Sun that keeps shining brighter every day from now on, and it’s customary to make crepes every day of this week and eat them with honey, caviar or sour cream. My nan always used to do that, and Mom and I continue this tradition. Mom just sent me the pics of the crepes that she made, and they look YUMMY! It looks like it’s time for me to get my apron on and start cooking! Oh and by the way, this is the only recipe I know by heart - as in, I don’t know how much of which ingredient needs to be added, I just FEEL it . Happy Spring, everyone! We might not be burning a scarecrow (symbol of the end of winter) or jump over the fire (I have no idea what this symbolizes ), but we can surely make some crepes!! And eat them!

PS I remember I showed Liam how to make blinchiki 3 years ago, and tonight he came out of their bedroom and helped me make them. And I didn’t even ask him! Ah, mama’s heart is melting!!


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