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Chasing Starlight Or Our Amazing Southwest Adventure. Part One. Colorado National Monument

Good afternoon, friends, and Happy Saturday!

So... I have been thinking - if these past two years have taught me anything, what would it be? A lot has happened! A lot! And what stands out the most are the moments spent with my precious family. We have already done so many trips together, and even though they will always stay in our memories, I still have had this desire to chronicle them in a different way - so we could all come back and re-watch our memories together. Literally. So, a year ago I started learning about video editing, and it has been quite a journey. It's hard - but it's also so fascinating and so rewarding.

This week has felt like the fall is finally here, and it so happened that this week I also finished working on Part One of our road trip around Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. The road trip that almost ended rather abruptly when I found myself in ER in Moab with a kidney stone - the experience I am actually really grateful for since it taught me to appreciate a lot of things I used to take for granted. Anyhow, if you have been following our adventures and if you are thinking of doing a road trip out west, I have tried to include all the tips and tricks - the roads we took (Chris usually does a very thorough research to make sure we drive down the most scenic roads), the places we stayed at and the restaurants we loved the most. Please feel free to ask me any questions - and please - if you are thinking of traveling somewhere, if there is a place you really-really want to go - Just Do It! Do it! And have fun 🙂. I hope you will enjoy our video - because I sure enjoyed making it! You can either watch the full video here, or - if you prefer watching it on a big screen - head over to YouTube by following this link and find us there.

A few key points:

  • We drove to Atlanta and flew straight to Denver thus saving a lot of money on 5 tickets - as opposed to flying from Jacksonville, FL.

  • We rented a car from Nu car rentals, which we loved - and it also was way cheaper than the other, more well-known car rental agencies.

  • We drove to Grand Junction where we stayed at Grand Vista Hotel (an older hotel, but really, really cool!).

  • We explored Colorado National Monument and then stopped by Bananas Fun Park, which the kids loved!

  • We headed over to Moab, Utah, via scenic highway 128, which we would definitely recommend over highway 70 (check out the video for the unforgettable vistas).

  • We rented an RV in OK RV Park, which was awesome, even though a bit expensive.

And now it's time to watch the video - it says it all :).


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