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Best 10 Netflix Shows for Kids

I could not possibly imagine our lives without Netflix or Amazon. Seriously. We cut the cable off back in now distant 2009 and did not regret it for a second! But I do love boob tube. Some might call it falling for addiction, not being smart or making poor choices in life. None of that is ever going to change me - especially now, in the age of stream television, when one can binge-watch without any remorse or second thoughts whatsoever.

I have to admit - getting ready for rotten tomatoes flying my way - my kids watch a fair amount of TV. However, we choose what we watch, and if you manage to show me a parent who can teach their toddlers as much as, say, Little Einsteins or Leapfrog shows can, I will eat my own hair.

With that being said, I would like to share with you our favorite kids' shows that are available on Netflix and can entertain my 6-year-old and 2-year-old boys at the same time long enough for me to... write this blog post :). I have also included a parent bonus at the end - a very heart-warming show for adults and kids alike.

So... relax, grab a glass of wine and read on.

I am really biased about this one, because this is the first new Russian cartoon that travelled the globe! Super excited and proud! I remember watching the first two seasons on YouTube and dreaming about showing them to Liam on a big TV. And here we are! So far only one season is available, but Netflix is promising to bring the new ones soon :). You can also watch the official Netflix trailer by clicking the link below.

Disney's Little Einsteins is the most educational kids TV show out there -

totally IMHO, but - if you haven't seen it yet - please check it out. You won't regret it. 67 episodes are currently available on Netflix.

WordWorld by PBS Kids totally rocks - and can help your child learn to read and spell early. 1 season is currently available for streaming.

This is our new favorite. Not as aducational as others, but surely lots of fun! 61 episodes are available on Netflix Instant.

This is one of our old favorites. It is super helpful when it comes to kids' early reading and it also teaches them about the most favorite fairy tales and stories of the world literature.

My 6-year-old son Liam found this one on Netflix, and we have been watching it ever since! So far just 1 season available, but we hope for more to arrive in the near future!

This is my personal fav! :) Every time the boys watch it, I also have to sneak a peek! Every episode the friends set out on a different adventure back in time - to check out the ancient Aztec culture, to explore Antarctica or to meet powerful Vikings. Fun, fun, fun - 2 seasons of it.

Yes, yes - you are not mistaken - I am recommending Pokémon! That Pokémon that we used to watch back in the day. For some mysterious reason both of my boys, including the 2-year-old Max, are absolutely fascinated by Pokémon. Netflix currently offers 2 shows (one old and one new, with multiple episodes) and 4 stand-alone movies for streaming.

This show is just for laughs, but, boy, does it have my sons rolling on the floor in stitches! :)

My husband just showed it to me on Netflix about two weeks ago, and I could not believe that all this time I had been missing out on this amazingly heart-warming family show. It is an older series - the first season was aired in the late eighties, but what a fabulous show it is. Guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and perhaps laugh and cry at the same time! As a matter of fact, I am off to watch it right now. After all, the entire 6-season collection is available on Netflix Instant.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Please share any other shows that I have forgotten to mention (which I am sure I did!) in the comments below :).



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