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A Russian Girl's 90s Soap Craze

I find myself quite often looking back fondly on the times when I, cuddled up next to my grandmother with my favorite cheese sandwich and a cup of steaming instant coffee, would watch all of those magnificent soap operas with my mouth and eyes wide open. Oh, they seemed so distant, the reality in them so different - every night I could not wait until the news at 6:00 pm came to an end and I could finally immerse myself into an entirely alien and yet so exciting world.

Tonight I am feeling nostalgic. Tonight, I would like to see my favorites heroes - see them as they looked back then and see them as they look now, in 2015. Come join me on this exciting time-machine ride!

Marcy Walker - Eden from Santa Barbara

I absolutely loved Santa Barbara, and Eden was my favorite. Her nails were the first example of the French manicure I had ever seen, and I wanted to be like her.

Just to make you laugh a little, here is the oh-so-famous Santa Barbara intro. Watch it! You'll be amazed to see that you still remember every second of it :).

A Martinez - Cruz Castillo from Santa Barbara

Since we are on the topic, here comes Eden's super hot cop :). He's got a little gray beard these days!!!

And while we are still on the topic!

Robin Wright. Today, we are mainly familiar with this wonderful actress thanks to the House of Cards, but who can ever forget gorgeous Kelly from Santa Barbara?

Okay, the next one will definitely make you laugh. "La Escrava Isaura" more familiar to us as "Рабыня Изаура" and the star - Lucelia Santos!

And the famous intro. It seems like it was yesterday!

You know who is coming next, right? But of course, Veronica Castro and "The Rich Also Cry".

Guys, this intro is hilarious! Once again, I remember everything as if it was yesterday - even how I was dressing up in my grandmother's outfit and pretending to be Marianna. I just have no idea what she is doing in the hay or under the desk LOL. :)))

I almost forgot about this one, even though I cannot imagine how one could possibly forget Maria milking that poor cow over and over!

This one I don't remember as well as the other ones, but it was still pretty gripping :) - Tropicaliente ("Тропиканка") and Silvia Pfeifer.

And of course super hot and super crazy Natalia Oreiro from the Wild Angel!

Dance, ladies, dance!!

And finally, getting closer to our times and into the 21st century, Giovanna Antonelli from the The Clone - my inspiration for the passion that keeps me going even now - belly dance.

Jade's dance for Said :)))

I hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane - for me, they were some of the happiest and carefree times ever! Enjoy the rest of your week :).



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