The Great American West: Zion

In January of 2015 we set out on a trip of our lives - the tour of the Great American West. Initially, we planned to rent an RV and skip the hotel part - rough it in the nature, so to speak. On second thought, we changed our minds and decided to get a family van and book hotels instead. After all, there were six of us - my husband Chris and I, our two little boys Liam and Max (5 and 2 years old at that time), and my parents who were visiting us from Russia. Spending ten days in an RV in this company could be... well... hard to pull off... to put it mildly :).

We flew into Las Vegas, stayed at the Paris Hotel for one night, hopped on board our beautiful Toyota Sienna that we had picked up at the airport upon arrival, and started driving... driving into these amazingly vast lands with skies so clear and air so fresh that it makes you feel as if you were re-born!

The first stop of our tour was Zion National Park, and if you are ever there, this is what you should do:

1. Stay at the Majestic View Lodge

Because, as you can see, it is majestic! The imposing mountains surround you, and the vista that you will wake up to in the morning will take your breath away. Add a bold aroma of coffee, and this can truly be called paradise on Earth!

We went to Zion in January, which is the off-season - so the room at this hotel only cost us $110. It's twice as expensive during the high season. I would definitely recommend going in the winter though. It's cold, but it's nicely cold: you can sense the cool mountain air on your skin, and there are almost no people around. You are literally alone with nature!

2. Have dinner at the Lodge Steakhouse

Walk to the restaurant located on the premises, go through the quirky lobby and enjoy some of the best steaks you will ever have in your life!