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It's All About Love

It's All About Love

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Elena and Chris are happy, madly in love newlyweds who just moved in together after a prolonged, dream-like honeymoon that consisted of jet-setting around the globe and meeting for romantic sojourns in exotic locations. Now they can finally be a normal family who share the same household! However, as excited as they are at first, they find that Ms. Reality can be a bit trickier than they thought. Will their Big Love survive everyday existence riddled with commonplace problems like work, finances and getting used to living together? Does Big Love even exist or is it indeed nothing but a beautiful myth for gullible fools?

This novel is comprised of colorful, humorous excerpts from the first five years of marriage that focus on obstacles almost all couples stumble on as they navigate unpredictable waters of marital coexistence—jealousy, insecurities, ego versus togetherness and the big question of whether or not they should start a family. As you join Elena and Chris on this crazy ride that whisks you away not only to the romantic American South, but also to Saint Martin, Mexico and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, you will laugh and cry along with them; you will undoubtedly recognize yourself in them as they try to put together this mysterious life-long puzzle; and you will, hopefully, answer for yourself the main question this novel poses - does Big Love really exist, and if it does, what can you do to keep its flower alive?

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