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A Year in the Sky

A Year in the Sky

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Elena's life is a dream come true. She just married the man of her dreams, Chris, after a summer of whirlwind romance, her new husband suddenly came into quite a bit of money, and they have nothing but bright and shiny skies on their horizon. Except... there's this girl. She's not Chris's ex. She is his best friend—which is way worse than an ex. And there is Alex—Elena's scorned ex-fiancé who has all the rights to hate her guts. Throw the Atlantic Ocean separating the newlyweds, woes of immigration procedures, as well as omnipresent fears and insecurities, into the mix—and you got a perfect setup for a truly challenging—and truly amazing—first year of marriage. The only question is—will Elena and Chris's love survive it?

​This auto-biographical novel is about coping with one's most deep-seated fears. It's about living with your guilt for following your dream. It's about one unforgettable Year in the Sky.

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