July 25, 2019

2019 has been crazy travel-wise... And it all started with Berlin...

It's funny how you always think of yourself as one type of person - in my case, daring, wanderlust-obsessed, party monster - until a few years (or fifteen years, to be more precise) fly by with the spe...

November 10, 2015

Saint Petersburg, or the Venice of the North, the heart and soul of the Russian culture, is one of those cities that leaves you standing in the middle of the street, with your mouth wide open and your eyes hopelessly darting around, attempting to take all of this beaut...

September 14, 2015

If you ever find yourself in Moscow for just one day, and if you happen to have a couple of kids with you as well, you might feel intimidated by the enormousness of the Russian capital and just decide to chill out, aka hang out at the hotel. However, as we found out, y...

August 29, 2015


In January of 2015 we set out on a trip of our lives - the tour of the Great American West. Initially, we planned to rent an RV and skip the hotel part - rough it in the nature, so to speak. On second thought, we changed our minds and decided to get a family van and b...

August 19, 2015

In early August of 2015, all our big family - and by saying 'big' I mean 'my husband Chris and I, our two little boys Liam and Max, and my husband's entire extended family' - packed our newly bought stylish suitases and boarded the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas.


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August 22, 2019

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